Register for your team.

Welcome to the registration page where you can register for your Mud Volleyball team!

If you are here, your Team Captain should have already registered your team. For this registration please know your TEAM NAME and your TEAM CAPTAIN'S NAME.

If your team has not been registered, please visit the Team Captain registration page.

Other Important Information
  • Should there be a change in your team roster before the day of the event, it will be required that the participant complete a paper registration & waiver at registration before games begin at 9AM.

  • Players must be 13 years of age or older. Players under the age of 18 will require parental consent to play.

  • Check the website: before game day, looking over document "The Dirt About Mud Volleyball" for all game day details, rules, parking information, etc. This will be available within 2 weeks of the event.